Thursday, September 04, 2014

Dan Wang

One of our organizers, Dan Wang passed away yesterday. As we get more details and arrangements we will post on our Facebook page. Below is a message from Elisa Brown, another one of our organizers.

Dan Wang was a great friend and a great organizer/activist. He was well learned in all the levels of environmentalism and he was very active with Transition LA, The Learning Garden, LA Green Drinks, The Green Festivals, Bright Green Events, and I am sure many other like minded groups.  His loss will have a huge impact on the future of greening LA and I only hope that his activities will be picked up by others who knew him or who believe in his work.  

We had many conversations regarding society and challenges we face as human beings and he presented his views articulately.  He had a hopeful vision of the present and future. I implore anyone who knew him to go on his Facebook page, like and support all the projects he supported. The legacy he created in his life is an inspiration. Let his death be a call to action so he will always be with us in spirit.
-Elisa Brown