Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Studio City - Thursday 24th!

LA Green Drinkers,

LA Green Drinks returns to Studio City after a long Holiday break this Thursday!
Note the new venue below:

LA Green Drinks - Studio City
Thursday, January 24th, 2008
Next Door Tapas
11814 Ventura Blvd
Studio City, CA

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Visit a nearby water shed restoration project
Valleyheart Greenway, a project by

The project created landscaping and pathways along the south bank of the river between Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Radford Avenue, but also includes the Great Toad Gate, a Butterfly Garden and other amenities designed by local students from Carpenter Avenue Elementary School.

Take Public Transit!

The Sapphire is located near the intersection of Laurel Canyon Blvd. From the Universal Red Line Station, take the 750 Metro Rapid or the 150/240 to Laurel Canyon Blvd.
See for details.

For dinner, Vegan Plate is located across the street.

If anyone wants to bring literature to promote their green issue
please do so-

we will have an area for brochures, business cards, etc.
We will also take back any extra literature back and bring them to the next Green Drinks.
The main thing is just to relax and have a good time.

LA Green Drinks - Culver City is 1st Thursday of every month.
LA Green Drinks - Hermosa Beach is 2nd Thursday of every month.
LA Green Drinks - Silver Lake is 3rd Thursday of every month.

LA Green Drinks - Studio City is 4th Thursday of every month.

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Sustainable Santa Monica Community Event
Tuesday, January 29th
6:30-9PM Santa Monica Public Library, MLK Room

Please join us Tuesday, January 29th, from 6-9PM at the Santa Monica Public Library for a panel discussion on sustainability in our community. Discussion topics will include:
* What is a sustainable community?
An overview of the guiding principles and goal areas in Santa Monica’s Sustainable City Plan.
* What resources and opportunities exist to participate in our local sustainable community?

Programs, rebates, grants & educational opportunities to make participating in a sustainable Santa Monica easy, affordable & fun.
Participating organizations include City of Santa Monica's Environmental Programs Division, Sustainable Works, and Global Green USA.
RSVP: RSVP is not required but recommended and appreciated.
Please RSVP to Traci Reitz, Community Sustainability Liaison, 310.266.4616 or

Focus the Nation

January 31st

Focus the Nation is organizing a national teach-in on global warming solutions for America—creating a dialogue at over a thousand colleges, universities, high schools, middle schools, places of worship, civic organizations and businesses, and directly engaging millions of students and citizens with the nation’s decision-makers. Focus the Nation will culminate January 31st, 2008 in simultaneous educational symposia held across the country. Our intent is to move America beyond fatalism to a determination to face up to this civilizational challenge, the challenge of our generation.

Focus the Nation is an educational initiative, but we also promote civic engagement. Each Focus team will invite local, state and federal political leaders and decision-makers to come to campus and participate in a non-partisan, round-table discussion of global warming solutions. US Senators and members of congress, state representatives, mayors and city councilors, all will be receiving dozens of invitations to speak about global warming, from over a thousand institutions nation-wide. Every institution will also vote on their top five national priorities for global warming action, producing a campus and citizen endorsed policy agenda for 2008.

Currently over 1000 institutions, mostly colleges and universities, have signed on to participate, and dozens of college and university Presidents have endorsed the initiative. To maximize both education and civic engagement, Focus the Nation has four key components:

NATIONAL TEACH-IN: On January 31st , thousands of students on every campus, millions of students nationwide, participate in workshops and panels, brainstorming global warming solutions. Are you with us? Are your faculty supporting you? Ask ten, twenty, fifty faculty to stand up as educators on behalf of your future. They will say yes. To make this happen, start with the sample teach-in.

GREEN DEMOCRACY: Campus to Congress. Tell top decision-makers in this country about solutions. Invite every US senator and congressperson to engage in person. If they can’t be there physically, then they will face a student audience via a video-chat. Focus the Nation is working with leaders in the House of Representatives to make this happen, in conjunction with their efforts to green the congress. The face-to-face, intergenerational dialogue of Green Democracy will move America to confront this civilizational challenge.

CHOOSE YOUR FUTURE: Vote on the top five solutions to global warming. Proposed solutions range from a coal moratorium, to large scale renewables investment, to initiatives to strengthen forests for carbon storage. Choose the Future is the place for serious discussion about how to achieve what science and justice demand. The week leading up to January 31st, you vote, and your Focus team delivers the results to your congressional office. Every political leader in the country will hear your voice. Join the discussion today!

2% SOLUTION: A national, interactive webcast, airing live the evening of January 30th, featuring Stanford climate scientist Stephen Schneider, sustainability expert Hunter Lovins, and green jobs pioneer Van Jones. Show the webcast to launch your teach-in. Screen it at your high school, faith group, civic organization, or at a house party. Our goal—10,000 screenings and a determination TO STOP GLOBAL WARMING.

With these four components, together we will Focus the Nation.

Sustainable Building Advisor Program - ongoing
Second Friday 9-5, Secon
d Saturday 9-3; 9 months, started Oct. 12th 2007
Class cost: $1,950
Material Fee: $0.00

Lead Instructor: Blair Seibert
Location: Los Angeles-Bundy Campus
Registration: Thru SMC's website:

Specialized training program for architects, engineers, developers, building owners, contractors and other building professionals interested in learning about strategies and tools for implementing sustainable building. Identify and articulate the key practices of sustainable building. Apply LEED™ and other relevant criteria or established guidelines. Analyze the costs and benefits of incorporating sustainable building measures. Work with architects, designers, builders, building operators, and utilities to improve a building's performance. Take advantage of financial incentives and technical assistance offered by governments, utilities and non-profit organizations. Establish sustainable design goals for project development. Assist in the education and training of staff in your facility or firm in sustainable building.

This class will prepare students for the optional NaSBAP exam which offers SBA Certification. Exam fees are not included in the course fee. See for more information about the exam.

The weekend course runs for nine months (first consecutive Friday and Saturday). For more information email: or call 310-422-2417.

Class Schedule:

Feb. 1 & 2
Mar. 7 & 8

Apr. 4 & 5
May 2 & 3
June 6 & 7

Composting Workshops
Check the Calendar of
events for a workshop near you-

Faster Freight – Cleaner Air California
Early registration open for February 25th - 27th confere
"Indeed, faster freight means cleaner air – the organizers of this conference got it exactly right"
– U.S. DOT S
ecretary Mary Peters at FFCA 2007
Over the pas
t four years, Faster Freight – Cleaner Air (FFCA) has established itself as the nation’s leading conference series on goods movement and air quality. This year, the anchor event of the series will take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Downtown Los Angeles. The event will feature general sessions, breakout sessions (tracks covering Marine, Rail, On-Road/Trucking, Infrastructure and Air Freight), a trade show and off-site tours of the San Pedro Bay Ports. Come join us at the Los Angeles Convention Center, February 25th through 27th, and see how FFCA is leading the charge to revolutionize the goods movement industry.

Kombucha Kamp
Give yourself and the ones you love the gift of health by learning how
to make Kombucha at home. You will sample flavors, learn how to make
the booch and receive a starter kit with detailed instructions.
The workshop is small and only lasts about an hour.
The cost is $20. It will be held Saturday Feb 16 @ 2pm.
For more information check out or email

In the Morning of a Day
The aim of the non-profit, non-political web platform in the morning of a day ® is:
* to provide activists and event organizers with an opportunity to announce and promote their events and actions about global warming.
* to inform the general public about these events and actions, and give them the opportunity to participate in them
* to connect the event organizers, by informing them about each others' actions
Additionally, to strengthen and promote the idea of collective action, this platform offers a song, called in the morning of a day. Feel free to listen to it, download it, sing it and share it with others, in order to raise global warming awareness.


EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR The Children’s Nature Institute


Reports to: Board of Directors
Date Posted: December 17, 2007
Start Date: March, 2008 or agreed upon earlier date
Web Address:

The Executive Directorship position offers an opportunity to take a well-established organization to exciting new levels. For over two decades we have used nature as a tool to amplify the educational experiences of very young children and increase environmental awareness. Our board of directors wants to see our programs deepen, expand, and have even more impact. We need an energetic, "big picture" person who is not afraid to roll up their sleeves. We are seeking a new director who has the enthusiasm, commitment and relationships to enable us to grow the organization, move it to higher levels, work with our community and partner with other institutions, become a national and international model, influence how children are educated and help create environmentally responsible people.


The Executive Director (ED) insures that the Organization’s mission, philosophy and policies are maintained and directs all aspects of programs and events.
* Oversees publications, public relations, web site.
* Hires, trains, evaluate and manage staff and independent contractors, oversee volunteers; expansion and development of curriculum.
* Decision making and policy implementation responsibility regarding liability issues, including insurance and risk control mechanisms.
* Insures that all safety guidelines are followed and new ones created when necessary.
* Is knowledgeable and keeps abreast of issues relating to early childhood education, the environment, young children and the community.

The ED works closely with the Organization’s Board of Directors to set the direction and goals of the organization.

* Works with Board on strategic planning.
* Serves on and staffs Board of Directors, Executive Board and Board committees.
* Identifies potential new Board Members.
* Keeps Board educated about activities and issues.
* Assists with Board Meeting agenda development.
* Submits agency budget for Board approval.

The ED manages the Organization’s fundraising program.
* Creates fundraising plans.
* Cultivates relationships with current and potential donors.
* Oversees foundation, government and corporate grant writing, grant research, grant implementation and reports, as well as sponsorships.
* Oversees membership solicitation projects and all related materials.
Fiscal Oversight
The ED is responsible for Organization’s fiscal oversight, management and growth.
* Develops annual program and project budgets with CFO and Asst. CFO.
* Insures that expenses remain within the budget, financial records and reports are maintained and sufficient funds are raised.
* Reviews financial statements with Assistant CFO and CFO.

Community Presence
The ED serves as organization’s key public spokesperson.
* Builds and maintains relationships with community volunteers, community leaders and elected officials.
* Acts as a liaison with public, media, political staff and other organizations.
* Networks within the community to increase funding for and awareness of the Organization.

The Executive Director is a mission-driven, ambitious, strategic-minded, personable individual with proven leadership skills. Required qualifications are:
* Bachelor’s degree
* Experience with nature, environment and early childhood education fields
* Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
* Success in fundraising including writing and securing grants, donations, major gifts, capital campaign
* Experience with administrative and fiscal management including oversight of staff and volunteers, multiple programs and projects
* Excellent computer skills

Please send cover letter, resume and salary history to and Due to overwhelming response, we may not be able to contact you unless you have been selected for an interview. You will be contacted within ten days of sending your resume if you have been selected for an interview. No phone calls please.

Payroll Status: Exempt
Department/Location: Fleet/Local Market
Positions Supervised: Fleet Assistants and Outside Vendors
Position of Supervisor: General Manager Local Market
Position Summary: Fleet Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the fleet in a given market.
Essential Functions of the Job:
1. Negotiate Parking:
-Analyze and determine “prime” parking spaces in local market for potential Zipcar vehicles based on research of area and expected member use.
-Research usage report and make pricing and marketing area recommendations.
-Negotiate rental prices and contract terms for use of parking spaces.
-Coordinate Zipcar signage for acquired parking spaces.
2. Acquisition of Vehicles:
-Work with Director of Fleet Operations and/or Senior Fleet Manager to take delivery of new vehicles as well as vehicles from other markets.
-Over-see the transportation of new vehicles from dealers to electronic installers and supervise and ensure vendors perform the following functions properly:
*Inputting of information into computer system;
*Ensuring proper outfitting of vehicles with interior and exterior branding, i.e. vehicle stickers, visors, maps, license plate frames, exterior branding, etc.
3. Upkeep/Maintenance/Repair of Vehicles:
-Determine when and what preventative maintenance should be performed on vehicles, including mobile detailing services.
-Hire and ensure proper maintenance and repairs performed on vehicles by vendors and negotiate prices and contract terms for services.
-Analyze and determine when damaged vehicles should be repaired, remain on the line, or taken off the line permanently.
-Oversee accident report process and ensure appropriate number of vehicles remain available to members.
4. Supervision of Fleet Staff
-Hire, supervise, and train at least two fleet staff personnel to perform duties as determined necessary by Fleet Manager.
-Supervise fleet staff in transporting vehicles to and from maintenance and repair vendors.
-Supervise fleet staff in the branding of vehicles with company logos, stickers, license plate frames, etc.
Other Job Duties:
1. Oversee and Management of Records:
Maintain or supervise the maintenance of database records, including VINs, registration, and insurance information. Oversee processing of registration renewals annually for payment. Ensure vehicles contain proper insurance and gas cards.
2. Troubleshooting:
Troubleshoot as needed.
3. Member Assistance with Vehicles:
Perform vehicle-related member assistance and share on-call member assistance duties.
Minimum Qualifications:
-Experience in managing service contractors or other outside vendors.
-Good organizational skills.
-General knowledge of automobiles.
-Ability to work without close supervision.
-Good verbal and written communication skills and interpersonal skills.
-Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office.
-Approval for Zipcar membership (or existing Zipcar membership).
Salary DOE; includes benefits, 401(k).
Interested potential applicants should email Gabriel Scheer

LA Green Drinks - Culver City
sponsored by Plan-It Hardware
Thursday, February 7th, 2008
7pm – 10pm
$5 suggested donation
10000 Culver Boulevard
Culver City, California

LA Green Drinks - Hermosa Beach

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

68 Pier Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA

LA Green Drinks – West Hollywood
sponsored by Wide Plank Floooring
Thursday, February 21st, 2008
7pm – 10pm
$5 suggested donation
405 N. Robertson Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA

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