Tuesday, July 18, 2006

LA Green Drinks - Culver City pix July 6th, 2006

Four of LAs Greenest Girls - Summer Bowen founder of BTC Elements, Siel the Green LA Girl, Traci Spencer founder of Sustainable LA, and Anna Cummins founder of Bring Your Own.

Jenn Beggans who helped create the Philly Green Drinks, Deana Bracken of Deana Bracken Design and Sarah Utley share Green summer reading lists.

Summer Bowen, Ryan Flegal, Nancy Whalen, Greg Rietz, Traci Spencer, and Paul Scott gather round at Duke's Hideaway.

Elizabeth Zampolli and Nancy Whalen, co-organizers of the Silverlake Green Drinks, share ideas with Green Real Estate developer Ryan Flegal of Portnoy Properties.

Alex Thompson imitates Gene Simmons while Casey Carruth-Hinchey wonders why.

Melanie St. James founder of Empowerment Works poses on Russel Sydney's Electric Scooter from the Sustainable Transportation Club.

Ryan Flegal and Michael Clive chat with Plug In America's Chelsea Sexton, star of the terrific documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?"